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Camping is a great way to spend time outside and explore new places! There is nothing quite like leaving cell service behind and waking up surrounded by nature. Plus, it’s always fun to go camping with a big group of friends or family! When preparing for camping trips, we always bring a few things. Here are 10 camping essentials that you want to remember to bring on your next camping adventure!

1- Tent & Sleeping Pad

A comfortable sleeping setup is one of the most important things to prioritize for your trip! A good tent and pad will ensure you sleep comfortably and are well-rested for any adventure. Test out different sleeping pads to find what you like best! A good sleeping pad inside your tent will make sleeping on the ground as comfortable as possible. Bring something lightweight but still roomy for your tent with space for you, your partner if needed, and your bag! Lastly, don’t forget your rain fly!

2- Sleeping Bag or Quilt

Even if it’s warm during the day, it almost always cools down at night, so remember to bring a warm sleeping bag! Depending on your preference, you can opt for a more traditional sleeping bag (either a rectangle or mummy style) or a sleeping quilt that lays more like a comforter.

3- High Quality Cooler

If you are car or tent camping at a campsite, you want a high-quality cooler to keep your food cold. A hard-sided cooler can also double as a seat or a table, making it more versatile than a soft cooler!

When packing your cooler, put all your items in first and then top it with ice.

  • Plan your meals and be intentional with the items you pack in the cooler. Only pack things you need for specific meals, so you have enough space!

4- Camp Chairs & Table

Camp chairs are much more comfortable than sitting on the ground, especially if it’s wet or muddy. You can get bulky, inexpensive chairs or lighter, more expensive options, but regardless, you will be happy to have a dry spot to sit!

A table is also helpful for making coffee, cooking, playing cards, and so much more! Even though chairs and a table are luxury items that are more suited for car camping, they definitely are worth bringing!

5- Headlamp

Even though your phone flashlight works in a pinch, a bright headlamp is a must-have for any camping trip. One of the best features is that you can use it hands-free. After the sun goes down, you’ll want a headlamp for cooking, bathroom trips, or even using inside of your tent before bed!

6- Propane Camp Stove

Any propane camping stove will do! You can bring either a single burner or double burner, depending on how much space you have and how much you plan on cooking. Make sure also to pack an extra canister of propane!

  • You can find propane stoves and propane canisters at outdoor stores like REI, Walmart, and most sporting goods stores.

7- Sunscreen & Bug Spray

The fastest way to ruin an evening at the campsite is by forgetting bug spray! Pack sunscreen for all your daytime adventures and bug spray for whenever you need it!

8- Water 

Water is a no-brainer for camping essentials, but not all camping areas will have potable water available. If you’re camping at a campsite, plan to bring enough water to drink, cook, and clean daily. Getting extra so you don’t run out is always a good idea!

  • You can buy gallons of water at the grocery store or get a refillable water jug and fill it up at home.

If you are backcountry camping, bring a high-quality water filter from a reputable brand! Sawyer and Katadyn both make great options.

 9- Easy Backpacking/Camping Meals

When choosing food for a camping trip, think of the easiest meal that requires little to no cleanup and little to no cooking! Our favorite camping meals include sandwiches, grilled cheese with tomato soup, and ramen.

One of the best options is to consider preparing meals ahead of time, such as overnight oats or pasta salad. You can even go all out and try dehydrating your own backpacking meals! However you choose to prepare, you will appreciate that your meals are ready to eat once out on your trip!

10- Bivouac Hard Cider

Bivouac hard cider is a great addition to bring on your next camping adventure! The cans can easily be tucked in your cooler and cracked open while lounging in a hammock or sitting around a campfire.

You can find Bivouac hard ciders in Arizona and Southern California and at the Bivouac Taproom in San Diego. 

Do you have a camping essential that we missed? Let us know what it is!

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