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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread the cheer than by gifting the extraordinary flavors of Bivouac Ciderworks? In this Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve curated a selection of delightful and thoughtfully crafted presents that showcase the essence of Bivouac’s exceptional hard ciders. From the rich and traditional Savoy English Pub Style Cider to the vibrant and fruity San Diego Jam Mixed Berry Cider, each offering is a testament to the artistry of craft cider-making.

Whether you’re shopping for a cider enthusiast, a foodie, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, our guide has you covered. Dive into a world where the festive spirit meets the unique taste profiles of Bivouac’s cider collection. Let the celebrations begin with gifts that are as distinctive and memorable as the ciders themselves.

  • Cider Lover’s Stocking Stuffers:
    • Begin your holiday gifting with Bivouac’s Craft Ciders in a festive stocking. Choose from Savoy English Pub Style Cider, San Diego Jam Mixed Berry Cider, Albright Dry Pear Cider, or Marlin Spike Pineapple Cider OMG Orange Mango Guava Cider.


  • Cheese and Cider Pairing Kit:
    • Elevate the foodie experience with a curated Cheese and Cider Pairing Kit. Explore the harmony between Bivouac’s Hard Ciders and a selection of artisan cheeses, creating a symphony of flavors.


  • Mulled Cider Kit with Savoy Cider:
    • Transform chilly evenings into warm gatherings with a Mulled Cider Kit featuring Savoy English Pub Style Cider. Enhance the holiday spirit with mulling spices, a festive mug, and a touch of seasonal magic.


  • Cider-infused Gourmet Treats Basket:
    • Indulge the foodie in your life with a Gourmet Treats Basket featuring cider-infused delights. Explore unique jams, chocolates, and sauces crafted to complement the distinct flavors of Bivouac’s ciders.


  • DIY Cider Cocktail Kit:
    • Shake things up with a DIY Cider Cocktail Kit, encouraging creativity in crafting cider-based cocktails. Include a shaker, recipe cards, and premium mixers for a fun and spirited celebration.


  • Cider and Book Pairing Set:
    • Combine the pleasures of reading and sipping with a Cider and Book Pairing Set. Choose a cider-related book and pair it with a 4-pack of Bivouac’s Hard Ciders for a cozy night in.


  • Bivouac Super Fan Gift Packs ($40):
    • Embrace your status as a Bivouac Super Fan with an exclusive gift pack. For $40, receive a choice between a t-shirt or hat, a 4-pack of your preferred cider, and two branded glasses or a water bottle. This $50 value is the ultimate expression of Bivouac fandom. Available at our taproom!


As the holiday season unfolds, we hope this Bivouac Ciderworks Holiday Gift Guide becomes your go-to resource for spreading joy and indulging in the spirit of giving. Whether you’re sharing the joy of craft cider with friends, family, or treating yourself, each carefully curated gift on this list is designed to enhance the festivities.

From the warmth of a mulled cider to the excitement of trying new cider-infused treats, the possibilities are as diverse as the flavors within our bottles. And for the ultimate Bivouac Super Fan, our exclusive gift pack awaits, offering a tangible expression of your love for Bivouac’s craft ciders.

Remember, you can find Bivouac Ciderworks’ ciders at our North Park Restaurant and Taproom, as well as various retailers like Total Wine & More, Whole Foods, Lazy Acres, and many more locations. Explore the full range of possibilities and make this holiday season one to remember with Bivouac Ciderworks – where craft cider meets celebration. Cheers to a season filled with warmth, joy, and the exquisite taste of Bivouac!

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