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About Bivouac Cider

At Bivouac, going “off-trail” is sort of our thing. Tapping into the hearts and tastebuds of the outdoor crowd, Bivouac’s ciders beg to be enjoyed on the trail, in the water, around the campfire, or anywhere your adventurous spirit is sparked.

As a women-powered craft beverage company, we are dedicated to inclusivity, empowerment, and celebrating the talents and achievements of people from all walks of life, especially those who may have been previously overlooked. We highlight and champion adventurous, kind, exciting people doing cool stuff: outdoor action sports, taking on physical challenges, breaking records and barriers, defying stereotypes and exceeding expectations. Bivouac’s heart is in encouraging people to get outside and embrace their adventure, cultivating collaborative community, and supporting partners dedicated to charitable and sustainability initiatives. Oh, and enjoying delicious craft beverages.

Women Powered
Embrace Your Adventure

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Our unique drinks are hand-crafted in North Park, San Diego. Bivouac’s ciders are less sweet than most, featuring classic flavors with exciting twists. We use high-quality ingredients including bittersweet cider apples, fruit and natural flavors sourced from California and the Pacific Northwest. We are “west coasted” in flavor and vibe. Our cider is made to taste great paired with a fine meal or at the top of a mountain.

Here's to Your Health

Bivouac’s ciders aren’t zero calorie like those hard seltzers on the market, and we like it that way. Our cider is nourishing and packed with vitamins & antioxidants, perfect after a long day of hiking, climbing, or paddle boarding. Naturally gluten free, and less sugar than most, our cider can be enjoyed guilt-free and without calorie counting. You know why? Because you’ve earned it!

Biv Team
our team

We are a women-led team of adventurers, creatives, and go-getters who share a passion for challenging the status quo, creating a superior craft product, cultivating unique experiences, and leaving a positive impact on our community and environment along the way.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember that time you spent in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain.”
– Jack Kerouac

Doing Our Part

Our team is dedicated to lifting up and giving back to our local community by partnering with and supporting organizations making the world a better place. See below for our community partnerships. Interested in a charitable partnership? Email us!