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Are you tired of this summer heat and in need of a refreshing cocktail idea? Well, look no further! This refreshing OMG float cocktail recipe is fruity, refreshing, and easy to make with only three ingredients!

The star of this recipe is Bivouac’s OMG hard cider. This new limited summer release has orange, mango, and guava flavors that will leave you saying, “OMG, that’s delicious!”. It’s the perfect combination of tropical fruit flavors with just the right amount of sweetness.

  • You can find Bivouac OMG (and other Bivouac hard ciders) at Bivouac’s North Park taproom in San Diego or at various retailers throughout Southern California and Arizona. Check out the store locator at the top of our website to find a location near you!

This recipe is a fun twist on the European classic Aperol spritz cocktail. Have you ever wondered why it’s so popular? Because it’s light, easy to drink, and with the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

  • Aperol is an Italian liqueur with hints of orange, making it a perfect companion to highlight the orange flavor found in OMG.

This refreshing play on a float makes this the perfect adult beverage to sip on while cooling off by the pool this summer! This recipe only calls for three ingredients and requires no muddling, blending, or chopping. So you can quickly and easily make this cocktail for yourself or a group of friends and get back to enjoying your favorite summer activities.

Bivouac OMG Float Recipe


  • 1 can of Bivouac OMG hard cider
  • Aperol – you can find Aperol at most liquor stores located near liqueurs and liquors
  • 1-3 scoops of Orange sherbet ice cream

Other items you will need:

  • Glass or wine glass
  • Ice cream scooper (or a spoon if that’s all you have)

Time to make: 5 minutes

Serves: 1

Step 1: Add a scoop (or two) of Orange Sherbet

Grab a glass (or a wine glass if you’re feeling fancy) and add one to two scoops of orange sherbet ice cream. Any brand that is available at your local grocery store will do!

Take the sherbet out of the freezer a few minutes beforehand so it’s easier to scoop and mix with the other ingredients. Once the sherbet is slightly melted, add it to your glass.

Step 2: Add Aperol

Add a shot (about 1.5 oz) of Aperol to the sherbet. Aperol has a slightly bitter taste, so feel free to play around with the proportions based on your taste preferences. If you don’t like too much of the bitterness, add less Aperol. If you think the orange flavor is too strong or the drink is too sweet, add more Aperol.

Step 3: Top with Bivouac OMG hard cider

Fill the remainder of your glass with Bivouac OMG hard cider. The orange, mango, and guava flavors from the Bivouac OMG will compliment the orange sherbet deliciously while offsetting some of the bitterness of the Aperol. Garnish with an orange slice, and enjoy!

  • This cocktail is best enjoyed with a straw while floating in a pool!

Possible Adaptations:

If you don’t love orange sherbet, feel free to substitute the orange for mango sherbet or any other flavor you prefer.

  • If you don’t eat dairy, you can swap it for dairy-free sorbet instead! There are some delicious sorbet options in the ice cream aisle of the grocery store that are totally dairy free and will still allow you to enjoy this cocktail recipe!

Aperol can be found in most grocery stores and liquor stores. If you are having trouble locating it, a similar alternative to Aperol is Campari. Campari is more bitter than Aperol, so you may want to adjust the recipe to fit your taste!

Curious about some snack or meal pairings to go with Bivouac’s OMG hard cider? The tropical fruit flavors pair well with mango salsa, fish tacos, fried shrimp, and more! Check out our next post, highlighting snack, lunch, dinner, and dessert pairing suggestions.

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