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Swipe left, swipe left, swipe –– ooh, right! You matched! You chat for a few days, stalk each other on Instagram and check your Zodiac compatibility- it’s decent. Finally, you both decide it’s time to meet in-person. Suddenly, the excitement of a new love interest dissipates and the anxiety of the first date kicks in. “What should we do?” You want someplace fun and lively, but not too loud. Someplace nice, but not too fancy. Someplace hip, but not pretentious. Maybe an activity? And then it hits you, the perfect first date spot: Bivouac Ciderworks!

Bivouac is centrally located in the heart of North Park, a fun and lively San Diego neighborhood full of first-date-worthy activities. Its ‘Embrace your Adventure’ theme spurs conversations about traveling, hiking, camping, and other outdoorsy activities. A seat at the communal table quells awkwardness, but move to the unique swing table for a more intimate setting if the date is going well. Climbing rope in knots decorate the walls, a topographical map accents the bar, and a wall lit like the night sky provides plenty of visual stimulation if the conversation lulls. 

Another great conversation starter? Bivouac’s hard cider flights! They have a wide variety of ciders, named after knots which ties into the outdoorsy theme (pun-intended). Bivouac’s diverse food menu offers “San Diego comfort food,” with plenty of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, so no worrying about dietary restrictions. Choose from delicious items like the Chicken Littles, a Beyond Burger or the Forager Board, a beautiful display of meats and cheeses, perfect for sharing.

Above all, Bivouac’s casually intimate atmosphere and its friendly staff foster a fun and easy-going time with little pressure. You can interact with fellow guests in a communal setting, or you can zone-in on your date. Whatever direction the date may go, Bivouac is the perfect setting for your dating adventures.