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Fall is such a beautiful time of year for outdoor activities and adventures. It has mild temperatures, yummy foods, and so many fun markets and seasonal activities! If you need help with what to do this fall season, here are some of our favorite fall activities to try!

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fun fall outdoor activity for the whole family! We try to do it every year at the beginning of the season. Plus, you can pick the type of apples you like best (everyone has their favorite), and then you have a variety of delicious apples to enjoy at home.

Often, after picking your own apples, you end up with a huge container of apples that you couldn’t possibly finish. When we hit the stage where we feel we can’t eat anymore, we love using the crockpot to turn the remaining apples into applesauce. It’s a great way to use up a large amount of apples before they go bad, is super easy to make, and is a nice seasonal treat! You can also use any remaining apples for apple pie, baked apples, apple-flavored cocktails, and anything else you might be craving!

Go Searching for Scenic Fall Foliage

Fall foliage can be so hard to catch! One minute, the leaves are orange and yellow and full of color. Then, the next, the leaves have fallen, and the colors are gone. But if you can catch some foliage, it is beautiful and worth spending the time and effort to find! A scenic foliage drive is a fun way to see colors around your area. Make a cup of tea ahead of time and pile into the car for an afternoon adventure.

  • Foliage can usually be found earlier in the season in higher elevations. So, if you’re eager to see some fall colors, try driving up towards the mountains!
  • Most cities have foliage predictors or color reports for when to expect the best colors.

Carve Pumpkins

What’s a better fall activity than carving pumpkins? Grab your pumpkins, clear a space outside, and carve away!

It’s always fun to do this with a group and see how different the pumpkins turn out at the end! If you’re feeling competitive, you can vote on pumpkin categories such as spookiest, most creative, funniest, and more.

Head Out on a Fall Hike

Fall is a really enjoyable time of year to hike because the temperatures are pretty moderate, and there are typically fewer people on trails. Bonus: if you can make it out to the trail on a weekday, you may even have it all to yourself!

Check the foliage color reports for the area you are looking to hike in to see if you can catch any colors along the trail!

Enjoy a Seasonal Fall Market

One of our favorite activities to do in the fall is to check out all of the seasonal markets. There are a few local farmers markets and craft markets that we love to attend. Spend a morning checking out handmade fall decor, snacking on tasty baked goods, and supporting local small businesses! Fall is also usually when outdoor markets begin to wrap up for the year, so it’s fun to enjoy them before the season ends!

Bake a Fall Treat

Fall has some of our favorite flavors. We can’t go through the season without baking at least one (usually many) pumpkin or apple-flavored treat. Here are a few of our fall favorites-

– Apple bread

– Apple pie

– Applesauce

– Baked cinnamon apples

– Apple oatmeal cookies

– Apple cider donuts

– Pumpkin chocolate chip bread

– Pumpkin cookies

– Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

If you live somewhere south where the temperatures are still pretty warm, baking a fall treat will make your whole house smell like fall, even if it still feels like summer outside.

Drink Cider!

If we had to pick one drink to describe fall, it would be cider! Hard cider is perfect for when you want a drink with a fall-flavored twist. Warm mulled cider will warm you up after a chilly day spent outside and classic apple cider is great to enjoy all of the time!

If you’re looking for a hard cider with a bit of pumpkin, try Bivouac’s newest seasonal release, Cat’s Paw Pumpkin Spice Cider. It’s the perfect mix of cider, pumpkin, and fall spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise. Grab this special fall cider before it’s gone! Find it near you.

What’s your favorite fall outdoor activity? We would love to know!

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