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ci·der sea·son (noun)

  1.  The peak time of year to enjoy Bivouac cider, a delicious alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples, typically through the months of September to November, or autumn.
Bivouac Cider and Thanksgiving Pairings

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is on its way which means it’s cider season! Don’t get it twisted – cider is meant to be enjoyed year round; BUT as it is harvest season, hard cider is perfect to sip on as the climate shifts from the bright colors of summer to the muted, oranges, browns and yellows of autumn. In preparation for the superior fall event, AKA Thanksgiving, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow cider pairing guide to ensure the most delicious Thanksgiving feast imaginable. Plus, it wouldn’t be a true Bivouac guide if we didn’t include some amazing San Diego hikes to do with friends or family before or after your meal. #Becauseyou’veearnedit!

The Appetizers: Albright Dry Pear Cider

From brie en croute to bruschetta to charcuterie, Albright starts the meal. Bivouac’s tannic, slightly sweet pear-apple cider is the perfect accompaniment to salty, savory starters.

Albright Pear Cider and Charcuterie
Photo by Nicole Kubiak

Hearty Sides: Savoy English Pub Apple Cider 

Bivouac’s Savoy, a tannic, dry, traditional, old-world apple cider pairs wonderfully with beloved hearty & salty side dishes like stuffing and brussel sprouts with bacon.

Savoy English Pub Cider and Stuffing
Photo by Nicole Kubiak

The Main Event: San Diego Jam Mixed Berry Cider

Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy pair perfectly with San Diego Jam. It is full-bodied enough to stand up to all of your favorite foods, but tart and juicy, to cut through and wash down all of that butter and salt.

San Diego Jam Cider and Turkey
Photo by Nicole Kubiak

Dessert: Cat’s Paw Pumpkin Spice Cider

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin cheesecake, need we say more? No matter how you satisfy your sweet tooth, Cat’s Paw pumpkin spice cider is the perfect pairing to end your favorite meal of the year. It’s nostalgic, smooth and sweet, and tastes best when you’ve already put on your PJ’s.

Cats Paw Pumpkin Spice Cider & Pumpkin Pie
Photo by Nicole Kubiak

Want to know where you can find these ciders near you? Just head to our store locator!

Now it’s time to get moving! Feeling stuffed after your meal, or just want to get your steps in before you dig in? Check out these hikes to see San Diego’s fall colors and foliage.

Where to See Fall Colors in San Diego

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

A little over an hour east of San Diego, you’ll discover one of San Diego’s most beautiful state parks, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. This park is known for its bountiful hiking opportunities, campsites and rich oak and conifer forests. Here, the seasons change, making you feel like you’ve escaped Southern California and ventured into the East Coast during the fall. You may even catch it snowing!

Mount Laguna

Mt. Laguna offers one of the most popular places to see fall foliage in the San Diego area. Just an hour east of San Diego, Mt. Laguna lies on the eastern edge of the Cleveland National Forest covered by Jeffrey pines. The main area features a general store, campgrounds, and plenty of hiking opportunities. You’ll also find the 3.25 mile Sunset Trail, a hike through a dense pine forest with stunning views of the area below. During the fall, this trail is covered with yellows, oranges, and reds galore.

Palomar Mountain State Park

The beautiful forest and mountain meadows of Palomar Mountain State Park are in northern San Diego County, high atop the west side of Palomar Mountain. The Thunder Ridge and Chimney Flat Loop trail features lots of black oaks amidst majestic conifers. Golden leaves and dark green pine needles form a gorgeous image of Southern California fall color.

As always, don’t forget to bring along some Bivouac Cider! Easy enough to carry up a mountain, and it’ll give you just the right buzz to still be able to make it back down. As we always say, Bivouac Cider is just as delicious enjoyed on the summit as it is paired with a fine meal, perfect for fall in Southern California.

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